La Lotería del Revela-T 2016

Como cada año nos montamos nuestra propia lotería, la que siempre toca, porque nos gustaría que así fuera, nos gustaría poder haceros a tod@s un gran regalo… y aunque somos conscientes de que eso no puede ser, la ilusión si que será para todos y la suerte acabará de hacer el resto. Hemos pensado que […]

Alternative and Analogue Photography Organizations Join Hands, by An Zuriel.

Revela-T was the starting point for collaboration. Worldwide alternative and analogue photography organizations gathered at the Revela-T 2015 for discussions. In the autumn of 2014, Dutch Alternative Photography conducted a worldwide survey on the use of analogue and alternative photography. Interesting issues were raised in the survey and Revela-T gave them a stage for debate. […]

Anna Atkins: Mother of cyanotype

Between science and art When a photographer is asked about how does a cyanotype looks, he or she will probable describe it as: a blue surface where there’s a silhouette in white. Probably this silhouette will be a flower, a leaf, a plant. This iconic image, embedded in the DNA of any serious photographer, mainly […]

A bit of chemistry. 0008. Exponential notation.

In the International System prefixes to indicate decimal fractions or multiples of the units are used. For example, the “mili” prefix, which represents one thousandth of a unit [written in exponential notation, 10-3]: a milligram (mg) is 0.001 g [10-3 g], one millimeter (mm) is 10-3 m. The following table lists the most common prefixes. […]

Analogbook, the analog notebook

How many times have you left a film inside the camera and you can not even remember what you took pictures at? Perhaps the most disciplined ones shoot the entire film on the same day… but there are others less disciplined. Or maybe you are one of those who does experiments and want to write […]

7 valuable tips for new photographers

The first video in this channel couldn’t be other than valuable tips for all of you who are starting or are willing to start doing photography. Seven valuable, useful and realistic tips for beginners, based in my experience, as I also was a beginner. I was a noob lost in photography, as anyone who is […]