Alternative and Analogue Photography Organizations Join Hands, by An Zuriel.

Revela-T was the starting point for collaboration. Worldwide alternative and analogue photography organizations gathered at the Revela-T 2015 for discussions.

In the autumn of 2014, Dutch Alternative Photography conducted a worldwide survey on the use of analogue and alternative photography. Interesting issues were raised in the survey and Revela-T gave them a stage for debate. A presentation of the survey was held at the festival, followed by an open debate with different analogue and alternative photography organizations and the audience.

One of the subjects debated was the question: ‘What is alternative photography?’, a question that was raised in the survey and which received many different reactions in the questionnaire, as well as reactions on social media, while the survey was being carried out. The term Alternative Photography seemed to be confusing as a collective term for non-mass photographic techniques. This subject was discussed extensively. No agreement was reached as to what the best collective name should be (a follow-up is expected…).

Another subject that was discussed, was the channels through which users obtain information. There were complaints and requests in the survey concerning communication channels. The attending organizations disagreed with the suggestion that online information was insufficient, but did acknowledge that there is limited non-English information available.

Difficulty in obtaining supplies was yet another issue that was raised. This subject led to a discussion about the disappearance of products from the market, at the same time the increase in new products and the need to get new people to join in for future stability in the field.

The survey showed the desire for international collaboration between organizations regarding finances, exhibitions, international events, promotion and defending users’ interests. The organizations attending the debate agreed that collaboration could be to the benefit of all and decided to continue working together, inviting other organizations to join them.

Revela-T gave a stage for an important debate and opened a new era of co-operation between international organizations, that will hopefully contribute to the future of the analogue and alternative photography communities.