Analogbook, the analog notebook

How many times have you left a film inside the camera and you can not even remember what you took pictures at? Perhaps the most disciplined ones shoot the entire film on the same day… but there are others less disciplined. Or maybe you are one of those who does experiments and want to write down everything?

Whatever your motivation is, Analogbook notebooks can help you to save annotations and remember which pictures you take all the time. Just a year ago a Kickstarter campaign was started to fund this project, a campaign that raised more than € 9,000 in only 25 days.

Analogbook is a system of notebooks designed for photographers, artists and students of photography. There are three small notebooks for each common format film: 135 (35mm film), medium (120 format film, 6×4.5, square 6×6, 6×7, 6×9 …), and large format. There is also a larger notebook to note down all the darkroom experiments.


Which things can I write?
Each notebook has different templates to record different data, for example:

  • f stop
  • Shutter speed
  • Movie and ISO
  • Time and location
  • Type of camera and lens

In addition, you can record comments and make sketches, if you feel creative!
In the case of the 35mm film notebook you can make generic annotations, and then for each picture (38 in total) you can indicate whether it is sunny, if you use flash or if you are indoors. You can even tell if you doing double exposures!

If you need extra help with the most technical part, both the beginning and the end of the notebooks have equivalence tables and a legend with the meaning of the symbols you will find in the book.

So, you are of those who prefer to write it all down, or are you spontaneous?