Anna Atkins: Mother of cyanotype

Between science and art When a photographer is asked about how does a cyanotype looks, he or she will probable describe it as: a blue surface where there’s a silhouette in white. Probably this silhouette will be a flower, a leaf, a plant. This iconic image, embedded in the DNA of any serious photographer, mainly […]

A bit of chemistry. 0008. Exponential notation.

In the International System prefixes to indicate decimal fractions or multiples of the units are used. For example, the “mili” prefix, which represents one thousandth of a unit [written in exponential notation, 10-3]: a milligram (mg) is 0.001 g [10-3 g], one millimeter (mm) is 10-3 m. The following table lists the most common prefixes. […]

A bit of chemistry. 0005. Chemistry: definition and clasification.

Chemistry is the science that studies the composition, structure (types, bonds and spatial arrangement of atoms) and properties of matter and the transformations it undergoes through chemical reactions. Chemistry is an empirical science, as it studies the matter through the scientific method, that is, by the observation and quantification and, especially, by experimentation. In its […]

Experimentation with DIY Redscale film

Analogue photography experimentation is a whole world. Every day I discover new shooting techniques, pinhole cameras made from everyday materials (such as matchboxes like Pinhole Barcelona), homemade tricks to develop film with beer… Anything! A few months ago I came across something called DIY redscale, which is basically a roll of a homemade redscale film. […]

A bit of chemistry. 0002. Matter.

Chemistry is the study of the properties and behavior of matter. It is known as matter everything that has mass and occupies space whether it is large or small. A property is any characteristic that allows us to recognize a particular type of material and distinguish it from others. A photograph, a ball, or the […]