Happy wishes for the 2016 with the Christmas crowdfunding of Revela-T

As we did in the previous years, we organize our own raffle, where we’d love that everyone won, we would love to make you a big gift… we know that’s not possible, but everyone’s a winner and luck will make its part.

We think that the best option is to make a common fund. In order to achieve that, the best option is a crowdfunding.

You will ask, a common fund… what for? To buy the prize the we will draw later among the participants. In the previous years Leica were the protagonists, but we’ve always want to do this… and now it is the time…

We’re going to draw ART, in capital letters. Original and authentified photografies from Valid Foto BCN gallery. The whole set is valued around 3000€. We won’t draw the set as a whole. Each photo will be drawn separately, three different prizes. In this way you’ll have more chances. For the price of a ticket you can get a wonderful photography tant can help you to start building a good collection or just decorate your place with a unique piece.

Do you like it? You have a lot more chances that with the clàssic lottery ticket.

What are the prizes?

Masao Yamamoto. Nakazora. #1281. Silver gelatin

Albarrán & Cabrera. Mouth of Krishna. #455. Pigments, Gampi paper and gold leaf.

Kristoffer Albrecht. Five boats, Varanasi, India, 1999. Silver gelatin.

samarreta3Your contribution will help make Revela-T, for another year, the most important centre for analogue photography in Europe. What’s more, for every contribution you get our new exclusive T- shirt (only for contributors)

For 20 € you get one entry + a T-shirt (shipping cost not included)

For 40 € you get two entries + two T-shirts (shipping cost not included)

For 50 € you get three entries + two T-shirts (including shipping costs in Spain)

For € 100 you get seven entries + four T-shirts (including shipping costs in Spain)

How are we going to do this? Easy… as in all crowd funding projects. For each 20 € you get a random number (from 1 up to the total amount of participants), if you pay 40 €, you get two; for 50 € you get three, and if you pay 100 you get 7 numbers. Once the project ends and we get the list of paid and unpaid contributions, you’ll get a list with the names and numbers that have been randomly assigned. After a short period to sort any claims we’ll make the draw. This time it’ll be done in front of a lot of friends and cooperators from Revela-T, as well as all of you who want to be there. It’ll take place somewhere in Barcelona, we’ll announce the address some days in advance.

Why are we doing this? Because we like good photography, even more if it is analogue. This can be a good occasion to start a nice collection. Isn’t that enough?

Why do we say that everyone’s a winner? For most of you the final objective will be one of the photographs…  but in fact you help us to keep alive the spirit of Revela-T and that will allow us to start better the new edition of the festival. Unfortunately money is necessary for everything nowadays, but a large amount of small help, is a great help. That’s a great way to help.

There’s more. Maybe lottery isn’t your game, and maybe this is not your desired way of helping. If that’s the case, but you still want to help the festival and the project that we’re doing around analogue photography, you can get in touch with us and we’ll let you know how to help in a private away. You can also sponsor us through a company or just by promoting this campaign.

Well, this is the theory, now we need your good will, the Christmas spirit and mainly your interest in having an original photography for your future collection.

Let’s play, good luck to everyone!!!

This is the campaign webpage