Speed and object

“This is my first article for the Revela-T blog. My intention with this series of articles is to humbly disseminate knowledge and make constructive criticism about the universe of analog photography (hereinafter chemical).  My focus is on relationships and the development of techniques for chemical photography in our contemporary environment.” I refuse to read any […]

A bit of chemistry. 0005. Chemistry: definition and clasification.

Chemistry is the science that studies the composition, structure (types, bonds and spatial arrangement of atoms) and properties of matter and the transformations it undergoes through chemical reactions. Chemistry is an empirical science, as it studies the matter through the scientific method, that is, by the observation and quantification and, especially, by experimentation. In its […]

Workshop with Eduardo Momeñe 21.3.2015

We are delighted to reconvene a workshop leaded by Eduardo Momeñe, one of our biggest reference in photography. uno de nuestros grandes referentes fotográficos. Eduardo Momeñe is a photographer, he wrote several papers, articles and essays about photographic aesthetics, and teaching photography has been key to his understanding of photographic creation. With a long history of […]

The Photographic Archive “Francesc Boix”

Following an intervention initiated by the Fotoconnexió Cultural Association in March 2013, the “Comisión de la Dignidad” (Commission of Dignity) acquired 1,368 negatives of an unknown photographer, with images of the years of the Second Republic and the Spanish Civil War. Some professionals from Fotoconnexió created a group to work with the Commission of Dignity and […]