“Writting at Releva-T’s blog about the pinhole world is quite a responsability. It’s my New Year’s resolution -I’m going to write often, regularly-. I haven’t been able to write a weekly post at my own blog (I haven’t even started, even updating Facebook is too stressful for me). At least making posts with a certain […]

Experimentation with DIY Redscale film

Analogue photography experimentation is a whole world. Every day I discover new shooting techniques, pinhole cameras made from everyday materials (such as matchboxes like Pinhole Barcelona), homemade tricks to develop film with beer… Anything! A few months ago I came across something called DIY redscale, which is basically a roll of a homemade redscale film. […]

A bit of chemistry. 0002. Matter.

Chemistry is the study of the properties and behavior of matter. It is known as matter everything that has mass and occupies space whether it is large or small. A property is any characteristic that allows us to recognize a particular type of material and distinguish it from others. A photograph, a ball, or the […]

The Ten Rules of Revela-T

They are not the Tables of the Law, nor something that force us not to experiment or not to do what we like but, even though we at Revela-T have it very clear, we thought we should put it in writing. For us they are “the ten rules” of Revela-T, a list of intentions, of […]

Kodachrome Film

Probably many of you have heard about this film, but most of us who started with analogue photography know well what are we talking about. Nowadays it seems that only the 64ISO is still being produced, although probably the most well known was the 25ISO, which had to be sent in an special envelope to get […]

Fosco Maraini

In this series of articles, I will write about some of the many Italian photographers we find in the history of photography. Far from being an encyclopedic page or photographers dictionary, to say it clearly, I sugget to read these posts as “images”: my intimate portraits, with a personal point of view in a partial frame. Clarified […]

Film is dead

“Film is dead” I don’t know about you, but I keep listening this everyday, and when I don’t hear it, I read it. The truth is that it hasn’t died, so simple. It never died, it never disappeared, or any other urban legend since the arrival of digital photography. The truth is that film went […]