Following an intervention initiated by the Fotoconnexió Cultural Association in March 2013, the “Comisión de la Dignidad” (Commission of Dignity) acquired 1,368 negatives of an unknown photographer, with images of the years of the Second Republic and the Spanish Civil War.

Some professionals from Fotoconnexió created a group to work with the Commission of Dignity and work on the project to digitize, preserve and describe the photographic archive.

The joint work of both entities permitted, within a few months,  to identify Francesc Boixas as the author of the images of the Aragon and the Segre fronts between 1937 and 1938. All negatives previous to the  war period (1930 -36) are attributed, for the moment, to Bartomeu Boix, Francesc’s father.
Last fall, a team of RTVE (national TV channel) in Catalonia contacted Fotoconnexió to film a documentary about the photographer Francesc Boix, and about the whole research process conducted. On Thursday, 29 January at 23.40, in the program “Crónicas” (“Chronicles”)of  RTVE channel2 the documentary “The two wars Photographer Boix of” will be broadcast.

Here’s a link to additional documentation and promotion of the documentary: