They are not the Tables of the Law, nor something that force us not to experiment or not to do what we like but, even though we at Revela-T have it very clear, we thought we should put it in writing. For us they are “the ten rules” of Revela-T, a list of intentions, of what we expect, what we want, in short, of what we like and we hope you also do.

In such a case you are welcome to Revela-t, if you don’t … you are welcome as well 😉

 The Ten Rules of REVELA-T

 When means and technique are limited, creativity is endless

  1. We love the analog photography based on chemical procedures that involve the use of a photosensitive material and its development and fixation to obtain the image.
  2. We do not use any kind of digital sensor to capture the image.
  3. We are committed in recovering forgotten photosensitive processes.
  4. We believe in the photography made with calm.
  5. We do not fear nor the chemical products neither the formulas.
  6. We are fascinated by the darkroom magic.
  7. The less electronics, the better.
  8. We always prefer a photography in a physical medium (paper, film, metal, glass, etc) although we also like digital.
  9. We give our support to new talents that use this means to create.
  10. We give our active support to the dissemination of historical photographers.