We are delighted to reconvene a workshop leaded by Eduardo Momeñe, one of our biggest reference in photography.

uno de nuestros grandes referentes fotográficos.

Eduardo Momeñe is a photographer, he wrote several papers, articles and essays about photographic aesthetics, and teaching photography has been key to his understanding of photographic creation.

With a long history of workshops and courses, many of his former students are renowned photographers.

Important projects such as the TV series “La Puerta Abierta”  (The Open Door) or the magazine “Fotografías” (Pictures), made in the nineties, are works considered as big references in the dissemination of Photography in Spain.

We consider his last work “La Visión Fotográfica, Curso de fotografía para jóvenes fotógrafos” (The photographic vision. Photography course for young photographers)  as one of the best theoretical books about photography we read.

His photographs are part of public and private collections, and from the ’70s his works have been exhibited in galleries and institutions from different countries.

In his studio in Madrid he did fashion photography, illustration and portraits for magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, AD or Style. This is the link where you will find all the details and the form to sign up.

If you love good photography, this is a workshop that you cannot miss.