This year… a great Photographic Christmas Gift Set

The objective in taking part in a lottery is to win (in this occasion this great photographic Christmas gift set), here you will contribute to make possible that our festival can face the 2019 edition.

In this way we all make it possible. We don’t ask for donations, just that you help us to make it possible, but also with a great prize.

Good luck to everyone!

How to take part?

As in the lottery, buy some tickets and start dreaming.

If you strongly desire something, it becomes true.

For each 10€ you will have one ticket for the lottery. We also have other options, 3 tickets for 20€, 8 for 50€ and 15 for 100€. This one alone would cost 150€ if bought separately.

Revela’T Festival will celebrate in 2019 its seventh anniversary. The amount of exhibitions and activities that are added every year to the festival imply an increasing budget.

To finance the start of the festival, nothing like a Christmas lottery, an amazing and attractive solution. 



All the material that makes this gift set has been donated by several brands which with their support and initiative allow Revela’T to keep on being a reference in the world of festivals. This is a listing of all the material in the set, valued in more than 1000€.



1 Ilford Obscura Pinhole camera

1 Harman Direct Positive Paper FB1K 11X14″ 10H

1 Ilford Cooltone Paper FB.1K 24×30 50h

1 Classic Ilford Classic Paper FB.5K 20×25 25h

1 Ilford Rapid Fixer 1L

1 Ilford Fijador Rapid 1L

 3 Delta 100 35mm 24exp.

3 Delta 400 35mm 24exp.

3 XP2 Super 35mm 25exp.



1 Instax wide 300 Camera EX D

1 Instax Square WW (10x 2)



1 Nikon Zoom 800 AF 

Assistance for one to one of their workshops in the next Revela’T: B/W, Printing, Scanning, C-41 Developing 



1 NOPO 135 Camera 



Revela’T books:

– Odysseys, Edition 2018

– Hidden Edition 2017

– Forever Young, Edition 2016

Revela’T 2018 T-shirt

Revela’T Cap




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