“POSOLETY”: solitude in positive key


Matera (Basilicata) -Photography: Giuseppe Satriani


In our society, the word loneliness has a totally negative meaning. Even among the friends of my preteen daughter, “being a margi” (marginalized, alone) is the worst thing that can happen to a person. It seems that we can all only be fine if we have 100% of our time occupied and if we are surrounded by people with whom we have to act (literally) nearly always in a superficial way. In CentroCentro in Madrid and until January 27th, there is an interesting exhibition dedicated to the solitude in a negative way or raher to the unwanted solitude, in which different artists, through their works (especially video-installations and photography) interpret and denounce this social plague of our “late-capitalist” society. The title of this exhibition is “THE NON COMMUNITY” because the key that the curators (Blanca de la Torre and Ricardo Ramón Jarne)wanted to offer to the visitors is the denunciation of many forms of unwanted loneliness generated by our society and which we do not want to see or that we try to disguise.

Images taken from Antonia Wright’s video – “Are you OK?”


There is room for bums, homeless, new poors, for social inequalities, anonymity in cities, non-empathy towards others, degradation, peripheries, prostitution, incommunication, dehumanization, for problems related to gender and identity, non-places, ages of loneliness: childhood, adolescence, old age; there is also loneliness caused by neocapitalism and by the hunt for money, and that congenital with emigration. All forms of loneliness belonging to the dark side of our society and people. Fortunately, to counteract such anguish, there is an installation outside the building that is a fragment of active hope against this pandemic; a dome-shaped structure that its creators have called “Refuge against loneliness”, with the idea that only by favoring real meeting points (WhatsApp groups, FB friends or Instagram followers don’t count!), where anyone can chat and listen. We can break this self-centred and self-destructive model.


Photograph by Giuseppe Satriani of the installation of Basurama – Refuge against loneliness

Contrary to what has been seen in the exhibition, here, I want to claim with strength and conviction the value of solitude in its positive key; it makes me angry when a word that contains a double meaning is associated only with the negative meaning. It becomes more and more necessary to have a little silence and the ability to listen; to find interior spaces to let silence expand; to exercise to find parenthesis of silence to live in the most absolute abstraction of time. For this one must practice slowness, to give value to the durability of things and feelings, to be well with oneself and to listen to one’s own emotions in order to be empathetic with others. One has to immerse oneself in Nature with respect and not with exploitation; one has to know how to marvel oneself at the beauty that lies in those small things; one has to be brave, admitting our limits and our fragility. All this is what I define as “positive solitude” or “POSOLITY”.


Aliano (Basilicata) – Photography: Giuseppe Satriani


Since I decided to go deeper into landscape photography (both urban and non-urban), I have found yet another way to build timeless lapses and live intoxicating parentheses of “posolity”: those dawns with their silence just broken by the sounds of life waking up; the search and contact with places full of beauty; the necessary connivance with light and its whims, shapes, modelling the acts, ordering time to be ready to take the photo at the appropriate place and at the appropriate moment with all the technical issues controlled as best as possible; those sunsets with their golden light; those skies that always reserve surprises until the last glimmer of light is really gone (which is not necessarily when one thinks it is gone); that time that seems to expand and that suddenly runs unforgivably; the liturgy of movements to be taken to obtain the photograph, being able to share all this exclusively with yourself or at most with a person with whom there is perfect harmony in everything (in my case, my daughter Haisea, what else could I want more from life!). All that is to be alone, it is to live solitude, it is to soak in it, but at the same time it is to be happy, in harmony with the universe, far from any negativity that may exist, isolated from pettiness and arrogance. It is to live in earthly paradise! It is POSOLITY!


Dolomiti – Photography: Giuseppe Satriani

Giuseppe Satriani