There are many ways to live photography; some of us live that in a vicious way: we need every day a good dose of photos. The day that we cannot consume our dose we end up shaking due to the withdrawal. Having this addiction is a great joy due to the great visual pleasure it gives us.

As Maruja Guerrero, prostitute who lived in Barcelona’s red-light district, once sad “you never heal from vices”.  She belonged to the high class society, fluent in several languages, pianist… she didn’t need the money as you can see.

It’s great that you can’t heal from that as I’m always afraid that one day, after waking up, I won’t feel that strong attraction towards watching photos.



To give an example: this photo that I’ve uploaded, I bought it several week ago. It’s a portrait of a girl made by the great photographer from Valencia Antonio Garcia Peris (1841-1918).

I find it extraordinary, a perfect photo that has everything. It’s made by a great photography, which can be seen in this portrait. I like absolutely everything, up to the smallest detail: the gaze of the girl and the serious expression trying to look older, the way she places her hands (specially the one on the back of the chair), the dress (mainly the hat), the chair (the right size for a small model), the simplicity of the elements, and even the sepia tint that makes it warmer and older. To sum up, in whatever way I look this photo; it gives me a huge visual pleasure.

Days go on and I watch this portrait again, still the same, I spend a great moment with my gaze devoted and stuck again on the small piece of cardboard. This is something that surprises me particularly: I have it more than studied. How can it be that I still get enthralled with the same enthusiasm as the first time I saw it?

In a radio interview some years ago to the photographer Jodi Socías, he was asked with advice would he give to those who start in photography. Socías replied: “they should get obsessed with it”. Well, if an important photographer recommends it, let’s follow his advice and let us be carried but this beautiful and vicious obsession of compulsively consuming photographs.

Mari Luz Cámara

Note: the reference to Maruja Guerrero comes from the article by Carles Cols published on 18-10-18 at “El Periódico” (digital) about Pep Cunties.




Information about photographer Antonio García Peris:

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